Chad Cloman’s Firefox Extensions

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Last Updated: Sat, 23 Feb 2013 10:16:37 GMT

Total Extensions: 41


Utility for cleaning up a page prior to printing, and for analyzing a page.

Adblock Plus

Ads were yesterday!

Add to Amazon Wish List Button

Add any item from any website to your Amazon Wish List.

Better Gmail 2

Enhances Gmail with a compilation of user scripts and styles. All scripts copyright their original authors. Click on the script homepage in the Help tab for more information.

Better GReader

Enhances Google Reader with a compilation of user scripts and styles. All scripts copyright their original authors. Click on the script homepage in the Help tab for more information.

ChromEdit Plus

A User Profile Editor Plus... Open The Chrome, Profile, & Install Folders. Open The File Manager. Restart Application.


Advanced Eyedropper, ColorPicker, Page Zoomer and other colorful goodies

Copy URL

Copy the URL of the current page to the clipboard at the click of a button.

DOM Inspector

Inspects the structure and properties of a window and its contents.

Download Statusbar

View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar


The mass downloader for Firefox.

Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus

Helps you create element hiding rules for Adblock Plus to fight the text ads.

Email This! Bookmarklet Extension

Email This! will send your recipient the link, title, and a selected summary of the webpage you are viewing.

Facebook Share Button

Facebook Share Button lets you any web page with on your Facebook Timeline by a quick Facebook button.

Find Toolbar Tweaks

Tweaks display and function of Find Toolbar.


Web Development Evolved. Firebug is free and open source software distributed under the BSD License.


Replaces Flash objects with a button you can click to view them.

Global Menu Bar integration

This extension integrates the menu bar in to the Unity panel


A User Script Manager for Firefox


Use identicons to automatically generate favicons for sites without one.


Lists installed extensions and themes


Helper for form filling in semi-automatic mode.

Link Alert

Changes the cursor to indicate the target of a link.


Mark link(s) as visited or unvisited

Live HTTP headers

View HTTP headers of a page and while browsing.

Menu Editor

Customize application menus

Save Link in Folder

Easily save links in personally customized folders.


Save also the original url with the page

Scroll Search Engines

Scrolls through search engines in the search bar

Tab Mix Plus

Tab browsing with an added boost.

TinyURL Generator

An extension to generate a TinyUrl in the background of any webpage

Toolbar Buttons

Adds toolbar buttons to the customize toolbar window in several programs including Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird. Some of the buttons make commonly preformed actions quicker, others add new functionality.

Ubuntu Firefox Modifications

Ubuntu Firefox Pack.

Unity Desktop Integration

Provides Unity Integration features to sites in Firefox

Unity Websites integration


Navigate up one level (directory).

User Agent Switcher

Adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of a browser.

Vacuum Places Improved

Defragment your places.sqlite database to speed-up Firefox

View Cookies

View cookies of the current web page.

Web Developer

Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.

Webmail Ad Blocker

Expand your email area by blocking and removing ads on the right hand side of the screen when using Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail